Can't get <img> tag to work in code comments

I'd like to have a javadoc directory alongside my source code which the
.java file comments can refer too.

The sun documentation at
says that I can do this in the javadoc web pages, but can I do this from
within IntelliJ (ctrl-Q)?

I've tried adding the following lines above one of my functions:


  • <img src="{@docRoot}test.gif>

  • <A href="{@docRoot}javadoc/classpath/doc-files/test.gif">TEST</A>

  • <A href="{@docRoot}javadoc/classpath/test.gif">CRAPPO</A>

  • <img src="doc-files/test.gif">


but nothing appears to show me an image.

Referring to websites does work (but only if I remove all my javadoc paths
under project settings):


Can anyone give me a lead on what to try next?


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