Adjust next/previous tab to be right/left

Just upgraded to v9 and it is driving me crazy that cmd+shift+[ or ] go thorugh tabs "historically". I vaguely remember a setting to change this in v8 but now I can't find it.

How do I change the behaviour so that I can navigate left/right of my current tab like every other major tabbed window interface? At the moment I have to mouse or use the useful but slower ctrl+tab interface.

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Hi there,

What actions your "cmd+shift+[ or ]" are associated with? You can check it in Keymap (it can search by shortcuts -- one of the buttons next to search field)).

I'm on Windows using Default keymap .. and Alt+Left / Al+Right (or the same via "Window | Editor Tabs | Select Previous/Next Tab") work just fine (previous/next tab, just as they appear in a tab row).

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I just saw message, after 4 hour coding session where it wasn't working, and reopened PhpStorm to check:

"cmd+shift+[" is associated with "Main Menu > Window > Editor Tabs > Select Previous Tab".

But... now behaving as you would expect. Not sure why but I'd rather it mysteriously start working and stay that way than it actually be a bug.


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