Java Code Coverage Tool: New JULIET Release is out.

The new version of Juliet (2003a) is out:

It is pretty fast and once you know how to use it,
it proves to be very usefull.

Unfortunately, it is not free...

Please inform me if you know any better similar tool.
(Free or not)

I'm posting this here as I often use IDEA just to open an existing Java project and understand how it is structured, using the goto class/definition/usages...

Juliet goes much further and I was wondering if there was any plans to include such advanced code analysis features.

I presume it shouldn't be so hard to implement the most usefull subset of features as IDEA uses a source code tree to navigate/edit the Java sources.

Thanks for listening !

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BTW, have you thought of tight integration of JDepend ?
(Like JUnit and Ant)

This is the type of metrics report it can generate:

I currently have to run an external tool to count
the LOC and make source code comments stats...etc

AFAIK, there is no such LOC count feature in IDEA, or is there ?

Again, IDEA source code edition being based on a code tree, it should be quite easy to provide such stats, shouldn't it ?

Thanks for your help.


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