Supress hard-coded strings warning

I'm just doing an I18N pass on my code and I've turned the "hard coded strings" inspection on.. I'm just wondering what happened to the intention that used to give me the option to ignore the warning for the statement, method or class?

Did I imagine this in IDEA 5? or was it a plugin.. eventually I found the @NonNls annotation but that requires me to add annotations.jar to my project (and be using java 5.0+). I don't remember having to do this with the old intention? Some team members user Eclipse or Netbeans.. and I don't remember them having to make any config changes last time.. Did it used to be a comment?

Can I still suppress the warnings for a whole class, without annotations?

- Richard

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/** @noinspection */

Is what I was after. Still don't know what happened to the ignore intentions, maybe it was a plugin I'd installed under 5.5.. but it's gone from 6.0.4 (different employer/config dir).

- Richard


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