Strange behaviour or am I just plain stupid?


Have have ran into something really strange.

In one of my modules in a multi module project it is not longer possible to create a class from the pop-up menu. The only alternatives I'm getting is

new -->

Enumeration Class

No matter what settings I change or reset it just wont let me create new classes on the src path. The thing is that I have a package in this src path and it is displayed correctly i.e. with a little blue dot inside the package icon. When adding a new package on any level it displays as a regular directory icon.

I have tried removing the module and adding a new one with the same name with the same result. However if I add a completely new module with a different name the normal menu items are there.

For some reason there is a setting that has been "corrupted" somewhere and I can't figure out howto get it corrected.

I really really need help on this.

kind regards

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