How do I delete obsolete node.js source modules?

node.js/io.js have frequent updates. Each time I update the node environment I need to let Webstorm install the appropriate source package in Settings -> Languages & Frameworks -> Node.js and NPM.

The source is stored under ~/.Webstorm10/system/extLibs/, e.g. ./nodejs-v2.3.2-src/

Do I simply delete those directories?

I'm a little suspicious because this "egg-laying wool-milk-sow" of an IDE tries to do _everything_, so

a) I would expect a mechanism to get rid of wastefully stored obsolete source modules, and

b) that it might store meta information somewhere. ("might" is wrong, it does: I just deleted three obsolete source directories and even after restarting Webstorm the deleted versions still appear in the "Edit usage scope" dialog as selectable options)

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