PHPSTORM 8 support For CodeIgniter using Google App Engine SDK

Using phpstorm interpreter the CI is working fine when we run the index page. It correctly take the default controller php file and then loading the particular view which is called in default controller inside index function.

But in a similar way, calling the controller via ajax is not working,

it throws below error:

error in getting{"readyState":4,"responseText":"<!doctype html><title>404 Not Found</title><h1 style=\"text-align: center\">404 Not Found</h1><hr/><p style=\"text-align: center\">PhpStorm 8.0.3</p>","status":404,"statusText":"Not Found"}

As per the above link,phpstorm-mvc can be configured only for symphony and yii.

Then how to configure the CI framework integration in phpstorm or else without configuring, how to  make function the ajax function which is used in all view file to call the relevant controller function.



                 type: "POST",

                 url:"<?php echo base_url(); ?>" + '/index.php/controllerFileName/functionName...,

                 success: function(data){},


                                                //ERROR is thrown at this stage



Now we are currently using ajax as mentioned above, which is working perfectly via xampp (running in localhost). We need to use this interpreter for our project. So,how to configure the base url in this case.

Pls  any hint will be a help for us to run Google App Engine SDK with Code Igniter integration in PHPSTORM

Many thnks,


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