mouse over var's not displaying

HI Guys,

I new to phpstorm and php develoment for that matter so I appologize if this is not posted in the correct forum.

I just installed phpstorm 8 and then 9 so far so good trying to solve this problem. I use Mysql and php 5.x developing on windows against linux servers located in datacenters around north america and im connected via VPN. i got phpstorm connected to the remote Mysql and i see the db's, tables ect.

However i read that the inline debugging would allow mouse over on variables etc. and would  provide the values of those var's.

When i mouse over anything pretty much nothing happens.

I dont find a lot of info on how to configure this but as its a primary requirment im guessing i have missed something obvious.

Can some one piont me int he right direction.


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Hi Robin..

Silly question, but are you running a debug session? This is (obviously?) a requirement for this feature as you're debugging variables etc.

I've attached a screen snippet of the feature in action whilst running through an Xdebug session on one of my projects.




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