EAP License

Hi there,

I'm evaluating IntelliJ through the EAP, and the current license expires on 21st April ... can someone advise me how I can extend that license on the EAP version of the software -- or do I just download the latest build ?

I've only used IntelliJ for the last 4 or 5 days in anger, but am very much looking forward to getting involved in the evaluation process.

Keep up the good work,



i think you can use the new eap licence for the newest eap-build(for every new eap-build there is a new licence on the eap-download site) for older eap-builds where the license is expired, too. test it!!!


Hi Steven,

EAP license will be updated on April 21


Best regards,
Eugene Zhuravlev
JetBrains, Inc, http://www.intellij.com
"Develop with pleasure!"


Thanks Eugene...look forward to seeing that today. Incidentally, I gather CVS integration is something you guys have recently added...it's very nice integration, it takes a lot to tease me away from the CVS commandline, but I think IDEA might just tease me......



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