Two or more code type in one file

I have some smarty adddon.callendar.tpl file loaded dynamicly from other template file with some JavaScript code like this:

function jqGenerateCallendar() {
    // some JavaScript Code

Is it possible make PHPStorm to recognize this file as Smarty and JavaScript code in the same time ?
I need this to reformating and for syntax
I can't add JavaScript definition like this here:

<script type="text/javascript" language="JavaScript">

is it possible to do ?


Hi there,

Is that the only content in such file?

If so -- apply step #3 and use "JavaScript" (will be used instead of default "HTML").


something like this but I have much more such files.
Is there some comment tag for example:

// @lang: JavaScript

or can I configure that all files with .tpl are smarty and can have JS
now I can configure file mask for speciffic language:



can I inverse this configuration and specify languages for  files ?



and so on


Unfortunately No.

By default all *.tpl files ARE Smarty with HTML as outer language (same as all *.php files are PHP with HTML as outer language).

If you want all *.tpl files to have JavaScript as outer language (instead of default HTML) then you have to assign it manually (NOTE: you can apply such setting to folders as well -- in such case all files in such folder and subfolders will have that outer language).


1) The same pattern (e.g. fie extension -- *.tpl) can only be associated with single file type.

2) Associating *.tpl with JavaScript in File Types will treat it as JavaScript -- no Smarty functionality will be available there.


Did you notice custom tag {script ...} before {literal} in the original screenshot?

That ticket (and another related one) allows you to inject custom language (by creating custom Language Injection rule) in such custom tags. In your example/screenshot you have no tags at all -- just plain JavaScript.

You may try and inject JS into {literal} .. but it will affect ALL {literal} tags in your project.


As I writed I can use only plain javascript in this file so right now I do not have any idea how to use language injection with it


I used this

Here is how to do this for the original request:
1) Open Settings|Language Injections
2) Click [+] and choose "Generic Smarty"
3) Choose "JavaScript" in "ID:" field
4) Write the following pattern in "Place patterns":

+ smartyLiteralTag() 

 5) Click "OK"


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