How could I insert or delete columns in html tables?

In adobe dreamviewer for example were commands to insert or delete table rows and columns.
Is there any shortcuts to do those things in phpstorm?

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Hi there,

You mean some command that will analyze your table structure/markup and will delete/add whole column/row form it?

No -- there is no such commands (related ticket: ) -- all needs to be done manually. PhpStorm/WebStorm is not WYSIWYG-style tool.

You can speed up adding new rows (or other elements) using Emmet functionality (e.g. "tr>td*5[TAB]" will create new row with 5 cells) or custom Live Templates.

Some documentation links/articles:

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I don't need WYSIWYG-style tool.
But I think that it'll be helpfull to add or delete column from table.

So you help me to clear this fact - there is no such tools.

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100% agree if you are going to have a DB tool you need to be able to add columns - just wasted 20 mins trying to do this.


(Does NOT need to be WYSIWYG BTW)


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