Global Updates

I have previously used Front Page and Expressions 4 to create my websites.

They both had “Dynamic Web Templates” to make Website-Wide updates to

the HTML.


Dreamweaver calls it a “Dreamweaver Web Templates”.


The pages are setup with editable and non-editable areas site-wide

so you can make site-wide changes.


How do you do that with PhpStorm/WebStorm? Does it do that? Is there a video

that shows you how to do this?

Any help of direction would very much be appreciated.

Thank you.

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Hi there,

There is no such stuff in PhpStorm/WebStorm --



Nowadays, when each technology/language (especially web oriented) has some sort of template engine (PHP itself is a templating language; + libraries like Smarty/Twig/Blade (the most popular); JavaScript has few libraries as well) it's pretty unlikely that such functionality will appear as a core module in *Storm product (unless someone will write such custom plugin).

Even if you use pure static HTML you could use custom module/plugin for Gulp/Grunt that can do such templating.

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Thank you so much for taking the time to provide this answer.
I have been searching and sending support emails with no success.

I really appreciate the many features of this software but its not a practical solution without global updating.
I am sure they have a legitimate reason. Neglecting such a major necessary "management" feature just
does not correlate with the JetBrains feature rich development culture.

Thanks again!  Bill.


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