PHPStorm problems - has become unusable

I've been using PHPStorm since April 2014 without problems, but yesterday it developed a large problem and has become unusable.

The Ctrl key, return key and tab key stopped working. Also one of my files would not open until I reverted it with git.

As the Ctrl key wasn't working, I wasn't surprised that I couldn't "undo", but then I found that undo wasn't even working from the drop down.

Some information about my system. I have an HP Pavilion laptop running windows 8.1. I have installed all the latest updates.

What I have take so far is to entirely uninstall PHPStorm (including all settings), but the problem persists on an clean new install.

Very much hoping someone has some experience with this problem. Thanks!

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After downgrading to version 8.0 from 8.0.3 the problem seems to be corrected.

I would really like to know why 8.0.3 developed these problems after a few months of trouble free use. Clearly though, I won't be upgrading from 8.0 for a long time :)


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