Line status without VCS

I have used notepad++ for years but I am now deciding on which IDE I'm going to use from now on.
My shortlist of IDE's includes ones that show coloured bars in the left gutter that denote changes, additions and deletions in the current unsaved file which I find particularly useful.


I believe that Webstorm/PhpStorm can do this and it's called line status.

However as I am a sole developer I have no real need or desire to use an online VCS - the built in local history is all I want and need.

Is it possible to show the line status without using one of the VCS's as I can't see an obvious option for this, which seems strange as this is a simple thing to do locally - and is practically already done in the local history option.

Any assistance would be gratefully accepted as I am testing various trials of IDE's and want to make my mind up soon.


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Hi there,

You have to use VCS for that to appear. I know no setting that will show it without it.

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Thanks for your responce - pretty much as I feared.

I have tried it out with a VCS and it does work fine but it seems a bit OTT to have to setup a VCS for such a simple feature.

I'm still deciding on what IDE to go for so will take this into consideration.


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