Ruby / Gem paths on Linux for SCSS file watcher

I'm having trouble following the instructions at I've installed Ruby, but this instruction isn't clear for me:

Specify a path variable for the folder where the Ruby executable file and the gem.bat file are stored. This lets you launch Ruby and Gem Manager from any folder and ensures that Ruby is successfully launched during transpilation.

I've searched a lot online and I've found a lot of related information but nothing that actually explains what to do clearly. Setting up on my MacBook was easy, but I'm stuck on by Linux Mint installation (which, obviously, I'm relatively new to!).


I have it on Kubuntu it looks like this:

It works.


sudo apt-get install ruby-sass

> this instruction isn't clear for me:

These instructions refer to adding Ruby binary to your system $PATH

To start the watcher, you need to specify the full path to sass binary as a Program

You can use which command to locate the SASS binary


I would like an answer to this question as well.  I would like to use sass on my project, but how do you set this up and file watcher.  I have downloaded ruby, but now what do I do on webstorm exactly.


You don't actually need Ruby to install Sass anymore, ruby-sass is deprecated (see Recommended ways to install Sass can be found at

Once you install it, use which sass to locate the executable and specify it as a program in your file watcher settings


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