IDEA windows don't paint fully

I'm having a hard time trying to run IDEA 6.0 on Red Hat ES 4.

I'm using PuTTY on Win XP to ssh to the Linux box, which is running headless. My ssh session is configured to forward X11 events. I know the X protocol is working, because I can run other X clients -- xterm, for instance -- and the windows appear on my Windows box and are fully functional.

When I start IDEA 6.0.2 on the Linux box, the main windows displays completely, but if I select New Project (either from the File menu or by clicking on the Quick Start Create New Project icon), the New Project window that opens is only partially drawn -- the 2 text fields (name and project file location) and the Next button are drawn, but nothing else. If I hover over where one of the other buttons should be, it appears.

I read a thread here that said something that sounded like this problem was known in 6.0.2 and fixed in the 6.0.3 beta that's available for downloading now, so I downloaded the beta and tried it, with no difference.

Does anyone have clue what's going on? This is very inconvenient. I can run 6.0.2 on a PC or a Mac, but my deployment environment is on Linux, so I'd like to do my development there.

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