Window losing focus and switching project on build

I'm having a problem to do with an IDEA project window losing focus to another IDEA project window.

For example, I open two projects at once, an SE project which is a Swing app, and an ME project. Basically most times that I build and run the Swing app, the IDEA window loses focus and the other project I have open (the ME one) comes to the front, just as the Swing app opens up. The same happens when running the ME app - as the WTK emulator comes to the front, the ME project window loses focus and the SE window comes to the front.

Noticeably, aside from building, when I close an Editor tab, the whole app flickers, and if it's the last tab to be closed, the window-switch will happen again.

Finally, none of the problems happen if either project has no editor tabs open.

This has started happening since I upgraded to 6.0.3 Beta (builds #6140 and #6112 tested). I'm running XP sp2 with jre 1.5.0_10.

In appreciation of any advice,


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