Simple step-by-step process to create a new project for a wordpress plugin or theme


I've browsed lots of forums and website and can find lots of bits on this topic but nithing that give a very easy, stpe-by-step process of how to.

- Create a new project (from existing files) for a wordpress plugin or theme
- Convert an existing project...

I have WAMP installed running from my C: drive and within this have various themes and plugins configured.

Is there a nice and easy guide anywhere that I can follow, that walks me through how to create a new project from these existing themes and plugins
That then gives me all of the benefits of phpStorm with the Wordpress libraries attached.

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I've read this article before and it's more about "creating a new wordpress plugin"

I've got hundreds of polugins already created and want to turn them into individual PhpStorm projects.
But something just isn't going right for me or I'm missing otu a vital step and it just doesn't work for me.

Is there anything around that is like this article BUT for existing Wordpress plugins and themes


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