scrolling is not very smooth in Webstorm (10)?


I'm evaluating Webstorm at the moment. A problem is that the code editor scrolling is not very smooth. Scrolling a lot with the mouse wheel in long files feels not very good for me.

- I have the setting "smooth scrolling" enabled, but it doesn't seem to have any effect.
- I have 3 lines scrolling, since I use a scroll speed of 3 lines in my windows setting. This is very nice for my Firefox and other programs with a good smoothing algorithm for the scrolling.
- I know there is a very old plugin in the repo (smooth scrolling), it seem to work to an extend, but I would prefer a native solution.

Do you feel the same? Maybe an windows (8.1 64x) issue?

Very eager to hear what your experience is in this regard.

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uh, this request seems old. Hope that something will change, is really a big big minus for me usability-wise.


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