Themes for just Terminal?

I have changed my theme for Webstorm.  But is there a good list or way to find some themes for just the terminal?  What if I wanted to theme my terminal different than the rest?

1) how?  I know you can change colors for console and I think Terminal uses whatever you have set for console colors right?

2) I can't find any good listing of just terminal based themes for webstorm

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Hi there,

I believe it's not possible -- terminal (console) colors is part of the actual editor scheme.

What this means: for example you have some dark editor theme (e.g. Solarized). In order to have 2 schemes for Terminal while editor colors remains the same .. you have to have Solarized colors for PHP/JS/any-other-language defined in both (e.g. "Solarized 1" and "Solarized 2"). If you now want to switch actual editor colors to , lets say, Darcula, you have to have "Darcula 1" and "Darcula 2" schemes as well -- each will contain different terminal colors.

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Hmmm... This would be a really useful feature. I like a light editor theme, but because of my powerline configuration, a dark terminal is the only way to go. Any place we can vote on this issue?

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It would be really great to have a different color scheme for the integrated Terminal !


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