IDEA Performance

Hi there,

I know there are a lot of opened performance threads here, i think my point is a bit different.

My problem is not related with in-use of IntelliJ. It does its best. The problem is initialization. My idea opens itself approximately in 1-2 minutes later (if i check "reopen latest project on startup" on the options it takes 3-4 minutes). This is very bad for such a beautiful IDE. It takes 1-1,5 minutes to open main IDE interface. Only splash screen is on the screen 1-1,5 minutes.

This is very bad for me, because i don't keep my IDE always open. Most of time, i close it. And when new change request or bug-freeing operation comes, i open it again. It's bad to keep open ide always, instead i want to use my ide like eclipse or netbeans, when i double click to them, they are opened in 10 seconds. It's very boring thing to wait a development tool when my boss wants to see what is going on the project.

What is the problem with the initialization of IDEA.

My current settings like belows:

Windows XP SP2,
Dual core Intel Centrino 2.0Ghz
100GB Serial-Ata.

I was removed 8 plugins from the default system because i won't use them (Perforce, Startteam, IDE-Talk, Geronimo, ..)

my idea.exe.vmoptions settings as follows:


I've also removed the checks "reopen latest project on startup" and "synchronize files on frame activation" and "save files on frame deactivations"
I've checked "save files if application idle in 15sec"

Will you fix this issue on 6.5 release?

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I must admit that I have similar issues, although only on the first load of IDEA after a reboot.

I've excluded all of the code and IDEA system directories from my virus checker, so I know that's not the problem. I've also tried taking a CPU snapshot on start-up, but I can't get it to work.

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By the way,

my idea is the latest eap build 6103

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yes you're right,

the idea's first load, especially after reboot, is very slow.

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I actually had some time to look into this on my local machine and it turns out that it was actually the virus checker causing a lot of the loading issues.

I'd previously excluded my IDEA "system" directory and my code-base, but it turns out that excluding the entire IDEA installation directory, along with my project's JDK, fixed the problem completely. My IDEA startup time went from 1.5 minutes to 10 seconds and my project opening time went from 2 minutes to 15 seconds!

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I've installed Symantec Antivirus Corporate Client recently, when i close the autoprotection, i couldn't see any difference.

Do you mean such an operation?

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Yes - we have Sophos installed here.

By adding the directories that I listed to the exclusion list of the on-access scanning, it solved the problem completely.

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Is this exclusively a 6.0 issue for you? I was seeing this with 5.x too, and the problem was as follows:

I use IDEA on both my desktop and my laptop.

When installing on the laptop, I copied a bunch of configuration files from the desktop to automatically get the global libraries, color schemes and so forth.

The laptop load time was disproportionate worse than the desktop's. Futhermore, the laptop would often "freeze" when I task switched away from it and came back the the IDE window.

The problem turned out to be a large number of global libraries whose classpath entries (directories, jars) were missing on the laptop. Once I cleaned up the global libraries, the performance picked right back up.

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I think you should know, that startup performance is one of the high priority tasks for 6.5 release. Actually it is my main target these days:)

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I presume that includes bugs filed against slow project re-load on
Module definition change?
Seeing the turnaround time on my last performance bug I'm looking forward
to filing more ;)

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Sure. Please file a bug with CPU snapshot, and we'll try to fix it. Though I don't promise the fix that quick:)


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