phpstorm debug of multiline return statement

Guys, can anybody tell me how can I debug expression like this

return yii\helpers\ArrayHelper::merge(
    require(YII_APP_BASE_PATH . '/common/config/main.php'),
(YII_APP_BASE_PATH . '/common/config/main-local.php'),
(YII_APP_BASE_PATH . '/frontend/config/main.php'),
(YII_APP_BASE_PATH . '/frontend/config/main-local.php'),
(dirname(__DIR__) . '/config.php'),
(dirname(__DIR__) . '/unit.php'),
(__DIR__ . '/config.php'),

without saving the result in extra variable?

I mean I can't put the whole text into Alt+F8 (evaluate expression) is there any other way?
Please look at the screenshot provided

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Unfortunately the only ways to do so is to use extra variable or put the whole construction into "Evaluate expression".


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