PHPStorm is reverting my work!

The past couple of days, something very disturbing has been happening to my code in PHPStorm - it's been reverted to an earlier state, without my knowing.

It's difficult to explain exactly what is happening, but the end-result is that one minute I'll be working on some code, and the next minute, everything I've written, say in the last 2 hours, will have vanished and I'll see suddenly be seeing old code, that I've since rewritten.

What's weird, is that there will still be some GIT indications in the sidebar (indicating that it was not a GIT revert) so I think this is something to do with PHPStorm's history.

This is bourne out by the fact that (I've just checked) there is no longer any undo /redo after this.

The other weird thing is that it's only happened in the one JavaScript file (kiosk.js) and usually I have about 10 tabs open - PHP, templates, SCSS, etc.

This is the second time it's happened in 2 days, and it's really not cool.

JetBrains - is this a known bug???

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Hi there,

No clue -- I personally have not heard any like that.

You should always be able to use Local History to revert back to the previously saved version of the file:

I may also suggest checking your idea.log file for anything interesting (Help | Show Log in...)


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