WebStorm - How to disable auto delete on backspace

In Webstorm if you are in a code block and press enter on a line and it does an auto indent and you press backspace to remove the indent it automatically deletes the new line and goes back to the end of the previous line.  Is there some what to turn this off?

For example, if I have the following:

  // Some code here

and I press enter after "here" it will indent, but if I want to put a "}" there and press the backspace to remove the indent, it removes the line I just put in and takes me back to after "here".


Hi there,

Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Editor | General | Smart Keys --> Backspace smart indent -- should help


THANK YOU!!!!!!!

That was the trick.


i have the same issue, this is pretty old but still the right place, just not the right name, the setting you are looking for is a dropdown menu called "Unindent on Backspace".

hope this helps anyone whos looking through 8 yr old forums like me lol.


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