Jboss ejb debug problem

Hi I'm having problems debugging an ejb from IntelliJ, I deploy the ejb in Jboss 4 without problem but when invoking it
i got the error:

JAVA_HOME is not recognized as an internal/external command, operable program or batch file
JDWP unable to get necessary JVMTI capabilities "debugInit.c,L279"
in the IntelliJ console

Is there a special configuration i am missing?

I'm attaching the screenshot ..

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1.) Could you please show me the whole line 'JAVA_OPTS: -Xdebug...'? (You can copy it from the console window.)

2.) Could you please show me a screenshot of the 'Startup/Connection' tab of your run configuration?

3.) Did you change anything in the run.bat file?


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