Installation Junk

I've just been cleaning out unwanted files on my Windows 2000 based PC. In a temp area I've come accross 11 directories each 77Mb in size that appear to be associated with each build that I have installed. The last one is dated 12 March 2003 (for build 802).

Subdirectories contain such files as (35Mb) and a jre environment (40Mb).

I presume I can delete all those associated with earlier builds. Can I also delete the one associated with the latest build?

Given that I downloaded to, and installed everything on, my D: drive, I was surprised to find all this stuff on my C: drive. Is there perhaps something on my PC preventing the installation process from cleaning up after itself or is this normal behavior?



This is still happening with build 804.

Download dir: D:\Downloads\IntelliJ
Installation dir: D:\IntelliJ\Idea

After instalation 85Mb of new installation files remain in:
c:\Documents and settings\+]]>+\Local Settings\Temp\I10479807725...

Is this just happening on my PC is are others experiencing it?



I have the same thing. During the EAP period of Ariadna my machine collected over 3 GByte of temporary data.


I don't think this is specific to IDEA. Whenever I've had a Windows machine, it has NEVER cleaned out my temporary folder no matter what I've installed.


I don't agree. I also use ZeroG's InstallAnywhere to deploy my applications. They also create a rather huge temporary directory, but after finishing or cancelling the installation it is removed by the installer (with a very small part remaining). So very probably it is a matter of how to configure the installer.


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