Ant Support enhanced in v6?

Is there anyway to use a customized Ant build file in IntelliJ rather than have Intellij build the ant file?

It does not seem to be possible to use ant at the command line with the included ant with Intellij. As a newbie I am finding ant -debug very necessary, so because of this and the fact that I need to build my customised ant build I have Ant 1.6.5 installed also.

Is Ant support enhanced in v6?

Thanks, Tom.

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Tom Corcoran

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Open the "Ant Builds" Tool Window (Window | Tool Windows | Ant Build) -- it's the first entry not accessible via ALT-digit. From there you can use the yellow plus / add button at the top to specify Ant build.xml files. After that, the build files and their targets are shown in a two-level outline view in the Ant Build tool window. Double-clicking one of those targets will trigger a build of that target. Other options and refinements are availble (chief among them, a Properties editor), but you'll understand them when you see them, I'm sure.

Randall Schulz

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Thanks a lot for that. I can do an ant build outside intellij no problem. When I try and run the dist target from the ant build window I get a compile failed message, see the compiler output for details - i think the later means open the tree brfabch, which reveals sun & ant calls....?


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