Package Project Files For Adobe Phonegap Build in Webstorm 10

I am using Webstorm 10 for a Phonegap project, and would like to be able to send the updated project files to Phonegap's Build service to do a build. Is there any way to configure Webstorm 10 to do this? Right now I use Brackets with the Phonegap plugin to do so. It's a lot more convenient than zipping up the folder and uploading it manually.

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I thought I would share the solution I found since I didn't receive an answer. While not exactly what I was looking for, Phonegap Build supports Github. I configured Webstorm to use Git and Github, and then I push my project updates to Github. On the Phonegap Build page, there is an option to pull the latest files from the Github repository for the project. This works perfectly. A little more complicated that a simple zip push to Build, but more flexible. I still wouldn't mind figuring out how to push directly to Build as a zip file through Phonegap, as Github private repositories are not free.


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