Changing which file types appear in File -> New...

I've tried searching the IDE and the wild internets, but for the life of me can't find a way to change which file types are shown when I'm creating a new file via File -> New...

For example, I never need XSLT Stylesheets and very rare write SQL files, but often need new Sass stylesheets. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi there,

1) You cannot customoze which templates to show and which to hide:

Currently you have to disable plugin that provide such template in order to remove it from that list.

2) File Templates can be managed at "Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Editor | File and Code Templates"

3) Template for SASS files is available under generic "Stylesheet" entry where you can choose what stylesheet file you will be creating (e.g. CSS/LESS/SASS/Style/etc)

If you want separate entry -- just add new custom file template and it will be listed separately.

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Thanks, that's all the info I needed! :)


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