Unresolved function or method require() at line 1

I'm using Webstorm 6 with Node and have setup the Node core modules.

When I run inspections I get the error:

Unresolved function or method require() at line 1

on the line:

var express = require('express');


For those who have this problem in their latest WebStorm/PhpStorm IDE versions (as at Feb 2017), you can go to File/Settings/Languages & Frameworks/Node.js and NPM/ and then under Coding Assistance subsection, find the enable option. 




in Settings/Project Settings/JavaScript/Libraries, check if you have 'Node.js Globals' enabled

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For anyone else who comes along with 2018.3 (or later?), I ran into this same problem seemingly out of nowhere. Even though the project was configured correctly, code completion and analysis stopped working one day.  (The only major recent  change I can think of was disabling several plugins at once, but I didn't disable the Node plugin)

To fix it I had to:

* go into Settings -> Languages & Frameworks ->JavaScript -> Node.js and NPM

* disable "Coding assistance for Node.Js"

* Apply and CLOSE the settings dialog (I tried it once by just disabling, applying, and enabling, but nothing happened)

* Go back to the settings and re-enable it

After that the code completion worked

No idea what went wrong, but if anyone has some insights, I'd be grateful to hear


I'm having the same problem in phpstorm 8.0.2

However there is no Node.js globals settings.  Is there something I can do?


Screen Shot 2015-05-05 at 12.44.17 AM.png
I found it.

I don't think it was there before.  I checked off Node.js Globals, and now require  is working.

Some of the function called in my libraries and still showing is undefined.  Where and how do I add those?



Same problem, Brians method not working for me.  Version: 2018.3.4


Do you have NodeJS plugin installed and enabled?



In addition, I configured it.



Please show the screenshot of your JavaScript libraries as well


Settings (Preferences on Mac) | Languages & Frameworks | JavaScript | Libraries


Do those "some functions" have a name? Can you post a screenshot with the error/warning message?

In any case: I'm not JS/Node guy and will not be here on this one -- somebody else (from JB team) will be able to help you later. In meantime -- you may search this forum and Issue Tracker for this new issue.


@Thilina: Doesn't work. Shows bar then says Disable again.


I had the same problem after updating to 2018.3, and I confirm that Brian Mcclure's method above fixed the problem.


Same issue. Unfortunately, Brian's method didn't work for me.

Webstorm: v2018.3.2

IntelliJ IDEA: v2018.3.5.


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