PHP support in Webstorm

I was given the impression that I could edit PHP files in Webstorm with limited features.  I have to edit some old PHP code and syntax highlighting is all I need.  But PHP is not in the list of languages and there is no plug-in.  How do I edit PHP in webstorm?


There's no PHP suport on WebStorm - it has no PHP plugin.


You need to get PHPStorm. Which as everything that WebStorm has and more (PHP).


There is documentation in several places that needs to be fixed.

P.S. I wanted to use webstorm as my programming editor.  A programming editor should support all popular languages for basic editing.  I will never "develop" in PHP.   You are holding me hostage just because I need to edit a php file now and then.  This is not customer friendly.


Ok, we'll either fix the docs or IDE.


I have also purchased WebStorm because i mainly needed it for Web Development (CSS, HTML, etc.) and node.js. But sometimes i also have to edit some php files. So for that cases i would need PHPStorm, but although WebStorm is within PHPStorm is it the same version? Gets WebStorm updated within PHPStorm when a new WebStorm version gets released?

Why are your products not plugable? I know they are plugable but your products are not plugable with each other.
It would be great to have an "AppStore" like / aware Editor. You could sell a very small base IDE (like WebStorm) and all other features are either free or purchasable through the plugin manager.
So everyone could build free and purchasable plugins and so could JetBrains do.
I think everyone would benefit from such an IDE. Streamlined Development of ONE base IDE, everything else is "just" a plugin.

Just my 2 Cents

Kind regards


Eclipse works like that.

There are at least 3 PHP plugins from memory, the are plugins for java and javascript and a bunch of others.  Most of it is free. Its massive and you can end up with issues where plugins dont work together.  It takes time to get your development environment setup just how you like it.

I like Phpstorm's "Here is everything you need" approach.  Then I turn OFF the plugings I don't need.


> There are at least 3 PHP plugins from memory

That is great news.  Can you point me to them?  I could not find any by googling.


Thanks.  I thought you were talking about webstorm plugins though.


Any news on this?

I'm in the same situation more or less, as I happened to buy WebStorm mainly to work on Javascript, but some months later I was working on something else, and I need to edit PHP files. I have a really temporary solution which lets me edit PHP files at least with *very* basic syntax highlighting (comments, text and brace matching pretty much sums it up, although it's possible to add keywords on by one manually if you can find the time...). Go to Settings > File Types, then add a new file type PHP. After adding the file type, select it from the list and add a registered pattern "*.php" and you should be able to more easily edit PHP files..

I think JetBrains should offer an "Upgrade to PhpStorm" for a lesser charge for paying WebStorm users. At the moment I have to buy PhpStorm (which has everything from WebStorm) to get PHP support, and that sucks!


no news - this is still not planned.


Couldn't agree more, I can't believe I just had to do that given that Perl basic syntax is already setup etc. Its pretty mean for them not to set that up already.

We have a corporate license for WebStorm and given the naming of PhpStorm/WebStorm you would be forgiven for thinking that WebStorm was the more general 'web' product and not that PhpStorm was the parent product. I don't seem to be even able to open another editor automatically to edit the PHP? Your saying there is no WebStorm - PhpStorm upgrade price either?

While I'm here the upgrade process from 3 to 4 is a shocker on the Mac and requried another visit to the forums as it refused to import the settings. Not very impressed so far.



A sort-of fix is to add '*.php' to the registered filetypes of HTML files.
It won't give you any IDE support for PHP, but it will allow the correct HTML-formatting for mixed php/html files with a .php extension.

File Menu > Settings > File Types > click 'HTML files' > click 'Add' in the bottom screen > enter '*.php'.


Agreed. I bought a WebStorm license about 2 weeks ago and then just recently had to open a PHP file to do a bit of editing. I dumped Dreamweaver as a code editor because of the flaky FTP / SFTP and no git support and had many recommendations of WebStorm. I though WEBstorm was a more general version than PHPstorm. PHPstorm sounds like it's JUST for PHP.

Now I realise I've bought the wrong product.

I really think you guys need to have a very visible section on the WebStorm purchase page that makes it clear that PHPStorm is the superior product containing everything a web developer actually needs. The names are totally backwards!!

Can I get a new license and only pay the difference to get PhpStorm?


Hi Rob,

You should contact sales department and see what they can do here:



If should try what he suggested, please let us know how it went. I tried and was disappointingly denied upgrading from WebStorm to PHPStorm.



This is incredible.
I'm (still) very likely to buy webstorm but this thing stopped me (for the moment).
At least, can you explain step by step what happened if I buy phpstorm too?
I can launch webstorm and all works flawlessy? I mean I have only just one editor isn't it? Or in the end I have two editors?
Thanks in advance and please rethink to this IMHO stupid marketing solution.


If you want webstorm with the ability to edit php files, get phpstorm.


PhpStorm includes all the functionality of WebStorm (HTML/CSS Editor, JavaScript Editor) and adds full-fledged support for PHP and Databases/SQL.

And I personally don't think that PHP plugin will be ever implemented in WebStorm.
For now the difference is that WebStorm doesn't support PHP and it's twice cheaper.


I'm sorry I didn't know.
Thanks for the explanation and count me again in :-)
Just one more explanation: does the settings are in common?
I mean, can I export settings from webstorm and import in phpstorm?


Hi, I know this is an old question and due to your product segregation and webstorm being a subset of phpstorm, I still think that there should be a way to view files with the .php extension as normal .html files. It's a small issue but currently I use tiny snippets of php (not enough to warrant all the great extra features of PHPStorm). I don't need php code hinting or highlighting or any support for php other than Webstorm treat a file with a .php extension as it would a html file. This would be super helpful. I'm a new user and have only just encountered this issue today. I'm trying to convince my company and team that Webstorm is the way to go for us. PHPStorm wouldn't be considered because we are not php developers and have a full team of php developers (all using PHPStorm). Thanks, Matt


Hi there,

To treat .php file as .html just add *.php pattern to "HTML files" in "Settings | Editor | File Types".

I'm just not sure if IDE will complain about PHP tags (<?php ?>) or will treat them as plain text.


Thanks for the quick fix. That's great for what I needed. I expect a lot of other web developers having to work in .php files that mostly contain html, css and js will be looking for this also. Perhaps I just missed this part of the documentation.


Basic highlighting missing for .php files? Actually html files. For an IDE which is also used by front end developers... Simply unacceptable. Count me out after my licence expires, I can tell you that


If you go to: Preferences > Editor > File Types

Look for: "PHP FIles (syntax Highlighting Only)" and add "*.php" to it and click Apply > Ok.

You will get most basic syntax highlighting, at least something.

Hope it helps to you as it helps to me!

Kind regards!


OK, then, which file type should one use if you have a mix of php and html in one file? 

Please don't tell me that i have to use echo statements to mix in html with php.




I'm having the similar issue that I purchased a monthly subscription of WebStrom mainly for angular/typescript based development. Now I'm realising that when I (rarely) need to develop in php a little bit, I actually can't do it. I had no idea about PhpWebstorm, and had no reason to search for alternatives to webstorm as the implication seemed that it was an IDE for all round web dev. Using eclipse instead is really not an option as it's way to unresponsive and cluttered for the modern era. Is there any way that I can switch my subscription to PhpWebstorm as it has only been a few days in to the subscription. I feel like calling it Webstorm is kinda misleading as php is fairly popular and belongs in a web development IDE, right? If this was a shop I could take it back and replace it. Do I have this option here?


Hi Gerwyndaevidjones,

Could you please contact us at and we'll see how we can help?



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