Mac OS X: Setting file.encoding to utf8 in Info.plist

I have noticed that adding

file.encoding UTF8]]>

to Info.plist improved idea startup a lot, especially scanning .jar files will be much faster. Is there anything which prevents the use of this setting as default for MAC OS X?

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Where do you add this? In the | or in ||Java]]>?

Whoever it was at Apple that came up with the Info.plist format didn't know XML very well. Then again at the time I probably didn't know much about XML either. It must be my day to rant on Apple. I just got done complaining about and it's attachment problems.


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It is a java property (-Dfoo=bar), so put it below
Properties ... ]]>


PS: And btw, this was mentioned some time ago here in EAP or in Tracker Bugs.


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