Custom Run/Debug Config

Hi guys

I'm using WebStorm to write javascript (drivers for an embedded system). A driver contains one or more js files and some XML files and an RTF file. To actually create the driver, I need to call a DOS command that "packages" the driver).

This command requires several parameters:

     Executable.exe [-i] [-m ManifestFile.xml] [-o DriverFile.myExt]

-i is essentailly a yes/no option so I'd like a checkbox and it is true, insert the -i into the command line
typically the ManifestFile.xml and driverFile.myExt basenames are same as project name. So if my project is called Test1, defaults would be Test1.xml and Test1.myExt

I would liek the output to show somewhere (and optionally captured in a file)

I couldn't find anything in the doc about how to build a custom run/debug config

Could someone point me in the right direction?



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You have to develop a plugin in order to create your own configuration - see

I can suggest trying the Bash Support plugin ( - it has a kind of 'generic' run configuration that can be used for running arbitrary executable. See if it works for you.
Another option is using the External Tools -  see and related Help topics


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