ant taskdef highting issue

I am using IDEA6 and seeing the following issue. I have loaded in my project a build.xml file which includes:


The classpath referenced includes axis-ant.jar which includes the properties file mentioned in the resource.

I included this jar in the "Additional Classpath" property for the build.xml file.

IDEA is highlighting the taskdef and saying that it "Failed to load type(s)". Any thoughts on this would be appreciated.



I have the same problem.

in ant build file I have:


and idea says "Failed to load type(s)".

There was no problem in IDEA 5.1.


I too am suffering from this problem. Can anyone help?


I got the same thing with hibernate tools. I had to include all the dependency jar files in the classpath to get types to load.

A bug I saw (6.0.2) was that in the add classpath browsing tree, a directory node sometimes wouldn't open, so I couldn't pick the jar files underneath that directory.


Same problem...
But I can run Ant in IDEA6 and don't have real problems
Just displaying problem :)


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