802 and OS X......Swing.

Intellij seems to be highlighting most of my Swing compenents in red, and only offering a few swing suggestions..
I have dl'd the 1.4.1 latest from apple, and the java dev kit - but to no avail.

Any Ideas?


I've seen this as well, though for java.lang classes. like String. It seems choosing a jdk isn't quite as seamless as win/unix. If you check the jdk classpath, sometimes it hasn't added all the libs/zip files correctly. I'll post again with the paths tonight when I get home. I have to use windows at work. ;o)



If you manage to sort out the Ant problem too much appreciated...



try and use the ant build function under intellij and you get a ]]> message...


use the ant properties to specify a custom JDK. That fixes that problem under 694


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