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Hello steward,

Unfortunately there are no way to use HEX in the latest PhpStotm release, but the issue is fixed in trunk (will be available in PhpStorm 3.0).

Thank you for feedback!

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I am also very interested in this. Is it possible on MAC OS X to use the apple color picker? I have several colors saved in the bin that I use regularly.


Rick Yentzer

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No, its not possible to use native OS color pickers now..

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From  a designer point of view It really strange that bracket already support  advanced  quick
edit mode ( CTrl  E in right location cursor ) like  color picker or transition panel and some specific
functionnalities around palette aco and psd ( specific to adobe )
see video here http://css-snippets.com/brackets-course-15/

phpstrom color picker is raw  compare to what can be achieve in 2015 using javascript implementation ?
I think java widget color picker should in 2015 implement functionnalities that are already implement in bracket plug in for "free ?"  by developper   !

Does thoses kinds of ( advanced ) tool ll appear in in phpstorm ?
Here a capture screen of actual color picker with many enhanced functionnalities compare to the one upload in this post and Dreamweaver .
Both don't support palette  import / export (aco ase act xml format extension )  !!
It a shame component can't be reuse easely like like in android OS !

in phpstorm we have now  opacity and brighteness(range -0 255 in phpsotmr , sometime 49 49 in others color tool,but  0 to 100% in compass function  )  but no saturation ( saturate desaturate range ) , non tint , no shade ...


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