"Parameter type 'Array' is invalid" in Refactor->Change signature... in PhpStorm; can't refactor function signature

Using PhpStorm 8.0.3 on Windows 7 Professional 64-bit.

Refactoring some legacy code with parameter type hinting for array parameters.


function myFunction(Array $someArray, $anotherParam)
Right-click on function name, select Refactor->Change Signature...
The dialog has a warning/error message at the bottom
"Parameter type 'Array' is invalid"
Then when I reorder the parameters and click 'Refactor' it won't complete the refactoring, instead it gives an error popup
"Parameter type 'Array' is invalid"
So I can't reorder the parameters without temporarily removing the Array type hinting.


Hi there,

I may only suggest changing "Array" to "array" -- works fine this way.

Other than that -- feel free to submit new ticket to the Issue Tracker


Thanks for the suggestion, much appreciated :-)

Unfortunately we have a lot of legacy code & it would be really helpful if Array was accepted (which is valid PHP AFAIK).

I'll look at raising an issue as you suggest.




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