Webstorm and Angular autocompletion it doesn't work

Hi my Name is Alain I buy webstorm yesterday to work with angular.js, I  saw your videos about how to get the autocomplete from the angular  library the thing is that even making an angular project I can get the  autocompletion here, when I try to put this simple sentence "angular." in order to get "module"  it doesn't appear but is weird because other angulars attributes appear as well, also with the ng-app directive never shows too, maybe I'm doing something wrong but I believe that your videos needs to start from step 1 not the step 2,  I have hours try to get this done and still not working I try all your docs and videos, I have the latest version of webstorm 10.0.1 my OS is  ubuntu 14.04. whatever help it will be preciate it.

PD: I know about this discussion is close but I try to find the webstorm channel and always take me to this one, also I have a problem with the forum. :(


Normally all you need to enable Angular support for your project is adding angular.js file (uncompressed) to it (see http://blog.jetbrains.com/webstorm/2014/03/angularjs-workflow-in-webstorm/, 'Include angular.js in Your Project' section). See also http://blog.jetbrains.com/webstorm/2014/07/how-webstorm-works-completion-for-javascript-libraries/.


My bad I was using angular.min.js now I try with angular.js and is working good, the weird thing is that when I select a angular project template which download a whole structure, it wasn't work either anyway I'm ok now thanks Elena.

Health and good things.


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