WS 10 does not remember syntax font preferences

In WS 9 I had all of my JavaScript font and color syntax preferences set as desired and WS 9 had no problems remembering them between sessions. When I upgraded to WS 10 it forgot many (not all) of those preferences and I had to reapply those preferences.  WS 10 remembers my preferences but for two exceptions: Unfortunately, WS 10 can not seem to remember my font syntax preferences for parameters and global functions, so I have to reapply them at the beginning of each session.

Is this a known issue in WS 10? Is there a fix?

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What settings did you modify namely? May be related to

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Yes, IDEA-137266 sounds almost exactly like what is happening to me, just a difference in which settings are affected. The affected settings in my case are:

Settings > Editor > Color & Fonts > JavaScript > VS Def (my custom scheme) > Global function
Settings > Editor > Color & Fonts > JavaScript > VS Def (my custom scheme) > Parameter

I remove the italics from global functions and I remove the underline from parameters. Unfortunately, the italics and underline always return at the beginning of the next session. The problem started as soon as I updated from v9 to version v10.0.1 (I did not try v10 EAP).

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