CVS login doesn't seem to work on me

I use IDEA 692 on Linux. JDK 1.4

(CVS) 1.11.2-debian

I initially extracted the CVS tree from the command line,. Then I created a project to work on it.
I am now trying to use the built-in functionality.
Unfortunately nothing works. Diff, update and other commands end up with a message in the status bar: CVS 'Fetch file' command completed with status 1.

I decided to try to run checkout from IDEA, even though I already did it from the command line.

Doing a checkout from the explorer pane selecting the root dir prints the following on the console

/usr/bin/cvs -z 9 -d checkout -P scarab
Fatal error, aborting.
guest: no such user

CVS command finished execution.

If I do an update on the root dir from the CVS pane:

/usr/bin/cvs -z 9 update -d -P
Fatal error, aborting.
guest: no such user

CVS command finished execution.

All this works OK on the command line.


Also note that I cannot copy/paste text from the CVS console. 'Copy selected text' and CTRL-C do not work in my environment. But this is probably a Gnome 2.2/JDK 1.4 clipboard problem.


I've read


I am still stuck on this issue. I tried creating a new project from scratch, configure the CVS repository and then do a chackout, but it still fails. On the CVS console:


/usr/bin/cvs -d checkout -P scarab
cvs checkout: warning: failed to open /homer/jerome/.IntellijIdea/system/sca_ipr71e012fd.cvspass
Fatal error, aborting.
guest: no such user

CVS command finished execution

This cvspass file error is new to me.
CVS still works OK with the same command on the command line.
Still using build 692 with JDK 1.4.1_01 from Sun.

Is there anything I am missing, such as an environment variable?



Same thing happens for me, and I'm OS X. I thought this was an OS X issue for a while there, but I guess not! COOL! (Well... sort of)


I finally managed to solve my problem.
To do so, I did the following:
- renamed ~/.cvsrc into ~/.cvsrc.old (had not effect)
- renamed ~/.cvspass into ~/.cvspass.old (had no effect)
- copied my ~/.cvspass.old to ~/.IntellijIdea/system/sca_ipr71e012fd.cvspass


So the solution might be only to copy your ~/.cvspass into the correct missing file in IDEA.
But if it still doesn't work try removing thos ~/.cvsrc and ~/.cvspass files.

The file was not modified by IDEA.

Reported there:


Robert, not sure what version of CVS you are running but I was having all sorts of problems with the version that ships with OS X, 1.10. I have since upgraded CVS to version 1.11 via Fink and it works great.



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