Mac OS X New -> Class TextField loses focus

On lastest of everything for Mac OS X, when I try to add a New -> Class (ie from the Project tree view), the TextField in the "New Class" panel cannot be selected/edited. I've found that clicking Cancel and trying again two more times will eventually alow me to edit this TextField.

Is there a better workaround for this?

Additional comment about this forum: I have found the search facility of this forum to be frustrating since it widens the search as I add more search terms. For example, search for "New Class" yields 812 results, while "New Class Mac OS X" yields 1039 results.

I apologize for asking questions that may have already been answered, but this search engine makes it hard to narrow the search. Has this been reported?

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press option M when you're on the package directory where you want to create the file. It will always popup with the correct focus. This is a focus issue in the Beta JDK.


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