"No default JDK found" ant error on MacOSX

I'm running build 693 on MacOSX, Java 1.4.1DP10. When I try and execute an ant target I get the message "No default JDK found". I tried clearing out my config files and starting with a fresh project in case I'd ended up with some strange config option, but to no avail.

Any thoughts/suggestions?


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Yep, I found this problem too.

1.) Under File -> Default Project Properties, make sure that you have your JDKs listed. If need be, add them using the little ... button.

2.) Then open the Ant Build pane and select the Properties button. Under the Execution tab, click Run under custom JDK and choose one of the JDKs you set up in part 1.

That should do it. Hope this helps,


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