Completion types

OK, I get the difference between Ctrl-Space, Ctrl-Shift-Space and
Ctrl-Alt-Space. But what on earth are Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Space and
Alt-Slash? There doesn't seem to be anything about them in the docs.
PS My Mac keyboard has 4 modifier keys, I'm sure you can think up a use
for Shift-Ctrl-Alt-Apple-Space ;)

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I think Ctrl-Alt-Shift space completes with words from current file.

I think there's also a difference between 5.1.2 and 6.0 when completing inside
a string literal:
-In 5.1.2 words from the current file were included in string literal completion
-In 6.0, I have to use Ctrl-Alt-Shift-Space to get these inside a string


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