Editing struts-config.xml unacceptably slow

I just upgraded to IDEA 6.0 and set up my struts application as a web module. I'm finding that editing the struts-config.xml file for my project is very slow, so slow that it's unusable. I tried adding a new action mapping (by editing the xml file directly) and just typing in the path took 30 seconds. I could get a few characters out and then the UI would freeze up. It got so bad that I decided to give up and unmap the directory containing struts-config.xml from the web modules list of web resources.

Unfortunately now that I've done that (and am editing the struts-config.xml file as a regular xml file) the entire struts-config.xml file is full of bogus errors. I'm pretty frustrated by this. The rest of my team is using MyEclipse and they're not having any issues editing the same struts-config file.


How many lines does your struts-config.xml file(s) have?

Do you have multiple config files? If yes please watch for http://www.jetbrains.net/jira/browse/IDEADEV-10745 as it is probably the cause.


Hi Yann-

The project only has one struts-config file. It weighs in at 650 lines (including blank lines between action maps).

I'm wondering if the Struts Assistant is responsible for the problems. Specifically the web flow diagram component. I retraced my steps in setting up the web module and recalled that Intellij became completely unresponsive for about 120 seconds after I clicked on the Struts Assistant web flow tab and the IDEs performance was never the same after that point.

As an experiment I added the struts-config.xml back into the web module and made sure not to click on the web flow tab. So far the editor is responding acceptably.


Hi Jim,

could you take a cpu snapshot?


Hi Dmitry-

I had a chance to go back and repeat the web flow diagram experiment (now on 6.0.1) with the same results. This time around I took a CPU snapshot as requested. Please advise how I should get the snapshot to you.

BTW: my workstation is a Dual Athlon MP setup with 2GB of RAM.


Jim, could you please try also the latest EAP available from http://www.jetbrains.net/confluence/display/IDEADEV/6.0.2+EAP to see if performance improved?


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