Shopping cart malfunction


Our IT Manager tells me that "The shopping cart on the IntelliJ web site
has been malfunctioning. It will not allow us to process the upgrade
order. I have contacted JetBrains and asked for assistance processing
the order. We will order the upgrade as soon as JetBrains gets their
upgrade orders to work."

Since October is almost over (and our trial 6.0 licenses will expire),
can JetBrains please fix the shopping cart so that we can buy our
upgrade licenses instead of having to go back to 5.x?


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Hi Amnon,

There was a problem with the online ordering last Friday, but it was fixed pretty quickly. All works well now. If your IT manager needs any assistance with ordering from our web site, he can contact our sales at


Natalie Yaremych
Sales Manager @ JetBrains


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