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I've switched to IDEA 6.0 and noticed the new "changes" toolwindow. I'm currently having problems using IDEA 6.0 with SourceSafe 2005, and basically need to use a different IDE or note down each file I change (not easy with large refactorings) and use the proper VSS client.

I had hoped that I could simply create a reference point in time using this toolwindow, then use it to keep track of all changes, then switch to the VSS client to perform a check-in (after consulting my changelist) without missing any files. I could then forget about the VSS integration of IDEA which isn't compatible with the VSS configuration I'm obliged to use. However, if I don't specify a version control system, the tool window is unavailable.

Any ideas for an effective solution?


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I've already complained about this for 6.0.


This is preventing me from going to 6.0.


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