IntelliJ 6.0 is really broken

I had been using the IDE for several days straight now with a project which builds an EAR from a WAR and a JAR file. After a few days of building the project and working with it, I noticed that it was adding some application descriptors to the project that I told it to no longer generate.

It wouldn't stop generating them. I would tell it to stop exporting certain libraries into the war file, and everytime I would look at the exploded war in the ear - those libraries would still be there.

To top it all off I just told it to make my project after having had it make the project no fewer than 30 times today and I'm greeted with:

Information:Compilation completed with 1 error and 0 warnings
Information:1 error
Information:0 warnings
Error:No Java compiler available

No Java compiler available? Did you delete it? I open a shell in OSX and type javac -version and its still there 1_5_06. I look at the IDE to make sure it didn't delete my project settings, nope they are still the same. So I can only assume that IDEA has fubar'd itself into a state where it just doesn't know how to work anymore.

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Hi Gregory,

The added application descriptors usually come from having the Java EE Build Settings incorrectly set up; I futzed around with this in IDEA 5 for a previous project, and eventually found my mistake(s). I'd suggest going over the build settings for the WAR and EAR modules again, and make sure all those paths are pointing at the descriptors you want to use. My mistake was that I initially specified the wrong path to a few descriptor files, and IDEA was creating them on the fly for me.

I think the "No Java compiler available" message is coming when IDEA is trying to validate JSP files. That's a pretty bad error message, but it isn't fatal. If you turn off Jasper Validation in your web module's "Java EE Build Settings" in the project structure, that failure will go away. I haven't played with doing JSP validation in 6.0 yet (usually too slow to do on every compile anyway), but I'm sure it's possible.




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