Horizontal Scroll Instead of Caret Move

    Hi All,

I have been looking for a way to change the editor so that two fingered horizontal scroll on my laptop would scroll the editor window instead of move the caret horizontally.

Anyone know how to do this in Webstorm?

Along these lines the "back" action (will go back when in the browser) goes to the file to the left of the current file in the editor. Is it possible to make this go to the last file opened?

Thank you

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Shoot. I found it right after posting this =(

So i found the "Scroll Left" and "Scroll Right" attributes and assigned them, but they take away the "right" and "left" actions is there away to avoid this? like assign the action that webstorm is interpereting the gesture as? cuz right now its left and right,
(also the search by keybinding is awesome!)


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