OSX: Can't use relative file names

Prior to 692 I referred to all files relative to the project directory. In both 692 and 693 I now have to use the full path name in order to avoid FileNotFoundExceptions. ie:

pre 692:
x = new FileInputStream("test/directory/somefile.txt");

692 and 693:
x = new FileInputStream("/Users/username/ProjectName/test/directory/somefile.txt");

I'm using OSX & DP10, but this happens when I compile for 1.3.1 as well as 1.4.1. Has anyone else seen this behaviour? Any ideas?


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I have always had a similar problem (i.e. in Idea 2.6 and Idea 3.x on MacOS X) ; the 'test directory' appears to be ignored; in my configuration files for my java program I have to use absolute paths, not relative paths - e.g. /Users/tim/java/test/test.xml, not test.xml, when the debugging directory is set to /Users/tim/java/test.


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