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The behaviour is caused by the bug in this JDK that classpath is processed incorrectly when classic VM is used.
It is reproducible even with a simple test when starting the application from the command line. I have submitted the bug to Sun's
bug parade.
As a workaround do not use classic VM when debugging with this JDK.


Best regards,
Eugene Zhuravlev
JetBrains, Inc, http://www.intellij.com
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"Daniel Burkes" <i@dont.want.spam> wrote in message news:MPG.18b5a3ffccaae8d8989681@news.intellij.net...

I discovered this morning that, using Build 693, debugging a program
that uses JDK 1.3.1_07 is completely broken. I confirmed the bug with
Serge Baranov of JetBrains- see


I just thought I would post a note here in case anyone else ran into the
problem and wondered what was going on!


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